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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jan 30, 2015

How do you cope on those days when you walk into your exam room, only to be confronted by a patient clutching reams of computer printouts, and demanding answers? "Because they told me I should get this/take this/have this ......"

Not well, I bet! Especially after the 5th or 6th patient of the day.

The frustration and...

Sep 23, 2014

Dr. Barry Katz is a radiologist with ankles on the mind. And an entrepreneurial physician to boot (read on ... the pun will become obvious!) Having suffered ankle sprains when playing basketball as a younger man and noting the same problem in his son, he was bugged by the idea that there was no good way to prevent them...

Mar 18, 2014

As a neurology resident, Scott Zimmerman MD became aware that medical practice, beyond the rarefied atmosphere of training, was unlikely to fulfill the needs of his creative spirit.

With this foresight, he began to teach himself coding, scouring as many resources as he could find, between call days and patient...

Feb 3, 2014

Dr. John Shufeldt is a driven man.

While many might consider being driven to accomplish a key ingredient of success, in this case, John is driven to learn, by being a "serial student".

His entrepreneurial bent manifested early – in the slew of moneymaking activities that marked both his childhood and his medical...

Sep 18, 2013

A newly-minted physician entrepreneur, Dr Tara Coles is all energy - an ER physician, mother of four, artist, writer, speaker and self-professed healer with a zest for learning and putting her multiple talents to work.

Her passions extend to women's wellness, integrative approaches to health and nutrition, mindfulness...